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Hi and welcome to The Hair Salon on the move. The best Mobile Hairdresser in Stafford!
The name came about after I decided to go back to mobile hairdressing and closed my salon. I felt being mobile would reach the people to whom I feel I make a positive difference; those who are housebound, tight on time, don’t like going to a salon or barber shop or just simply prefer to have someone come to your house to do your hair.

My story

I am a single parent to 2 now grown up children. I have always worked around the school and their care commitments; now they’ve more or less flown the nest, I have found myself to be working more and enjoying it as much as I always did. 

I started in hairdressing by doing an apprenticeship back in 1994. I learnt using Goldwell products in a Stafford salon. I left to become married and have a family. Along the way, I started using Wella and soon preferred that to Goldwell. So I got myself an account with Wella so I would access training courses, learn about products in more depth, learn about new trends and generally have the backup of a colorhouse. I have stayed with Wella since. To me, they simply just do better hair and have home care products that maximise what is done professionally. 

I decided to go back to college and re-learn my trade in 2013. So much had changed since the mid 90’s in terms of safeguarding the client that we simply never had before as well as new techniques in coloring. Who had even imagined in the 90’s we would balayage hair 20 years later?! 
I still work with Wella today – I am very proud Wella allowed me to carry on as a registered stylist with them when I went mobile as they are strict with who they sell to. My Rep comes to see me 4-6 times a year to ensure I am on top with trends, new products/techniques and particular with new colors for the changing seasons. 

When you want to book me for your hair, you can do this in a number of ways. Most importantly to me is being open outside office hours. So often do I think to do or contact someone on a Sunday eve and have forgotten about it Monday morning when they’re open again so I wanted to be different. You’re welcome to contact me whenever; bank holiday, Sunday’s – anytime. If I’m awake, I will respond. Most people  book online as you access my diary. That way, you can sit in peace at home and see what times I have available and decide how this best fits into your day/week. Many also text and as you get to know me, I hope to make you feel comfortable to text me late a weekday, all over the weekend – anytime you remember to! 
Of course, you can also call me. If I am working and can’t get to answer, I will always call you back when I can. 
Social media has radically changed everyone’s lives the last decade. We now taken emailing 24-7 for granted, the supermarkets opened Sundays and then ‘early til late’ and I feel totally comfortable that you contact me when you think about it. 


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